Romania: EU Grants for Biomass and Biogas become a reality and ARBIO participates in the drafting of guides

The Romanian Association of Biogas and Biomass will play a key role in the country’s Large Infrastructure Operational Programme.

During the Inauguration of ARBIO, in June last year, different opportunities of financing for Biomass and Biogas projects were presented in front of 224 participants, 68 of which potential investors. Now, the Ministry of Energy, Small and Medium Enterprises and Business Environment advances in the implementation of all that was announced and asked for the Romanian Association of Biomass and Biogas to participate in the working group that will prepare the solicitants’ guides for the Large Infrastructure Operational Programme. Together with them and other institutions, the Association will work for Priority axis 6: promoting clean energy and energy efficiency in order to support an economy with low-carbon emissions and for Priority axis 8: intelligent and sustainable transport systems for electricity and natural gas.

ARBIO will participate in this process and they have already declared in written their interest to participate with a delegate to the working group. They will present the real situation in the market, as their members are all involved in real economy. Further information that allows the authorities to draft guides which will attract the interest of investors will be provided to the authorities.