Europe moves towards a circular economy

The European Commission will publish a more ambitious circular economy proposal by the end of the year.

At a high-level circular economy conference on the 25th of June, European Commission vice-presidents Timmermans and Katainen described resource efficiency as not just something good for the environment, but also as the most logical way to fix our economy and create jobs. Mr Timmermans assured that the new proposal (a previous one had been scrapped at the beginning of the year), will be more ambitious and will encompass more areas.

Mr Katainen explained that the Circular Economy Package is expected by the end of the year and it will have two components: a full-fledged review of the EU’s waste legislation; a roadmap for the coming years listing legislative and non-legislative proposals. He said that before carrying on with its work on the circular economy, the Commission wants to know from Europeans which are key priorities to be pursued. Mr Katainen encouraged industry, NGOs and civil society in general to participate to the Circular Economy Public Consultation which is open till the 20th of August.

EBA will participate to this consultation, highlighting the importance of recycling organic waste and asking the European commission to propose clear rules for a European market of organic fertilisers. EBA encourages actors in the anaerobic digestion sector to take part to this relevant consultation.