European Biomethane Week 2024

Get ready for the 2nd European Biomethane Week from 21 to 25 October 2024!

A wide variety of activities will be deployed in Brussels and other European countries. The flagship event of the week will be organised in Brussels on 22-24 October.

Why should you be there?

As we prepare for a new turn of EU elections, this year is pivotal for affirming the leadership of the biogases sector as the pragmatic pathway to climate-neutrality. Investing in biogas technologies means advancing energy and food security, reducing dependency on external suppliers, combatting climate change, and supporting the implementation of a circular economy.

This event aims to break down barriers, enhance market access, and chart clear trajectories towards the ambitious targets set by the sector with collaborative efforts from industry, policymakers, researchers, and civil society.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to engage with a whole range of stakeholders involved in the biogases value chain, gain inspirational insights on the scale up of the sector and fresh expertise on the production of biogases and their multiple applications. Join us at the European Biomethane Week and be part of the solution to build a European bioeconomy.

Who else will join?

  • High-level stakeholders from the renewable gas industry.
  • Representatives from key areas for the development of the biogas industry, including the transport and agrobusiness sectors, as well as financers and end-users.
  • Researchers and academia working on innovative renewable gas technologies to develop our industry.
  • Influential policy-makers for the biogas sector in Europe.
  • Media experts.

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