The European Parliament adopts the circular economy package

The European Parliament endorsed on 18 April a package of legislation setting binding targets on waste and recycling, a key part of the EU ambitions for a more ‘circular’ economy.  The new measures will have impacts in several sectors relevant for the biogas industry, as listed below:

Waste – The package includes a common EU target for recycling at least 55% of municipal waste by 2025; this target would rise to 60% by 2030 and 65% by 2035.

Bio-waste – By 2024, bio-waste will have to be collected separately from other waste streams.

Landfilling – By 2035, no more than 10% of municipal waste would be deposited in a landfill.

The European Biogas Association welcomes the adoption of this package, as it will trigger the increase of organic recycling across the EU, essential for anaerobic digestion and the production of biogas.