Publications on biogas from food and beverage residues

As the FABbiogas project wraps up, a number of maps, a handbook and reports are available for download.

The FABbiogas EU-funded project is coming to an end after 30 months of collaboration between EBA and other international partners from Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Germany and France. Since April 2013, the project-partners have collaborated towards the elaboration of a solid information base on the FaB (Food and Beverage) industry and its potential for biogas production.

As a result, the great amount of deliverables that have been produced includes a handbook with the anaerobic digestion solutions recommended for various types of waste streams, current and potential plants capacities, opportunities and challenges published in Czech, Polish, German, French and English. Another brochure containing general information on the project has also been translated into all the above languages, plus Italian.


The project has published as well an International Report on the Assessment of Biogas Production from FAB Industry Waste in Partner Countries, consisting of a Summary Report, along with the National Reports of Austria, Germany, France, Poland and Czech Republic (all contents in English).

Other deliverables include in-detailed maps of Waste Biogas Plants, and of Waste Streams of the Food and Beverage Industry, one per each of the partnering countries. Finally, a series of factsheets in English have been produced to illustrate Best Practice Examples of Biogas Production from Food and Beverage Waste in Poland, Austria, Germany, France and Czech Republic.

All this materials, as well as others such as a Report on the FABbiogas Final Conference, are available to download at the project’s website here.