Finland: 40% increase in the use of biogas in transport in Finland during 2014

Finland 2014 biogas statistics data collection is currently underway and the final report will be published in September. However, some preliminary data can already be made public, even if all information has not been received yet. 

The most remarkable outcome so far is the increase in the consumption of transport biogas at very high growth rates. In 2014, the transport of biogas consumption improvedby about 40% compared to 2013. Some causes that have contributed to this increase are a significant improvement in the government CBG100 station network geographical coverage, biogas price affordability and stability, a growth of 80% in the amount of biogas refineries and of a 40% in the amount of biogas processing enterprises.

Biogas remains the only 100% renewable energy by public transport. Due to the extensive European network CBG100 biogas already allows through traffic in Western Europe using 100% renewable energy. It is therefore the only option for those consumers who want to drive their vehicle with 100% renewable energy.

Source: CBG100
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