Finland: Gas stoves powered by biogas in Helsinki

Instead of natural gas, the Finnish gas company Gasum provides its gas stove customers in Helsinki during one month (September) only with biogas.

The customers do not notice any practical difference but the greenhouse gas reduction is during one month over 140,000 kg which can roughly be compared to 82 km travel by bus or 32 h use of a computer. Around 30,000 customers profit from this ecological switch. Jani Arala, Gasum’s Business Development Manager praised also consumers’ better mood while cooking thanks to the ‘cleanest domestic energy source’.

This is the first time that natural gas is switched to biogas to this large extent in Finland. Gasum hopes to expand from the vehicle fuel use more and more also for example to households. There is still significant growth potential in the utilisation of biogas in Finland as the production capacity corresponds currently to around half of the consumed natural gas. Biogas is fed into the grid at three upgrading plants in the cities of Espoo, Kouvola and Lahti.

Source: Gasum (in Finnish)