Finland: Rapid biogas filling station network expansion

Three new stations were taken into use within the last few days by 3 different operators bringing the total number of public biogas filling stations to 24. All of them sell 100% compressed biogas and only biowaste based biogas, like the earlier stations.

Private biogas company Jeppo Biogas became the sixth company to sell biogas for vehicle use at public filling stations. Their new station in Nykarleby (Uusikaarlepyy) is the most Western and the most Northern in Finland expanding the coverage of the filling station network substantially. This site includes a CBG container filling station enabling transport of biogas by trucks, first time in Finland.

Municipal energy company Mäntsälän Sahkö became the seventh company to sell biogas for vehicle use at public filling stations. They had earlier sold CNG, but ended it now. This leaves only one pure CNG station left in Finland (and it is also planned to be switched to CBG). All the rest either sell only CBG100 or give consumers a choice at the pump for buying CBG100.

State gas company Gasum opened its 18th CBG100 station in Tampere. It is their 2nd station in Tampere. Gasum has sold CBG100 since 2011.

Finland and Iceland are the only countries in the world where CBG100 is available in all public gas filling stations. Blends of biogas and natural gas are not available in these countries.

Source: CBG100 Suomi