Finland: Updated biogas filling station network map

This month, the Finnish biogas filling station map received major updates.

  1. The new public biogas filling station in Joutsa, which was opened for public use in March 2014, was added to the map. Currently there are 21 public biogas filling stations and all of them sell CBG100 (100 % compressed biogas).
  2. Private biogas filling stations were taken into the map. At the moment there are two such stations, not counting home filling stations.
  3. Due to requests on the side of Sweden, different colours have been used to differentiate the payment methods at the public filling stations.  Public filling stations that accept cash and/or credit cards are marked in darker colours, whereas those requiring operator specific cards are highlighted in lighter colours.
  4. The map area presenting the expected network development of biogas stations was extended to 2016. This becomes visible by clicking the “Planned biogas stations 2014-2016” box.
  5. Information texts have been extended to incorporate station specific information, including location and the source of gas. Currently all renewable methane is domestic biogas and all fossil methane is Russian natural gas.

This biogas filling station network map was published by the Finnish Biogas Association in 2013 and can be accessed here.

Source: Ari Lampinen (Finnish Biogas Association)