Food manufacturer Arla announces new biogas build

The facility will process waste from Arla as well as local farmers. 

Three businesses will jointly develop a new biogas plant designed to lower a food manufacturer’s need for natural gas. Due to be built in Videbæk, the facility is part of Arla’s goal to move away from a reliance on imported natural gas to renewable sources, including biogas.

The facility will process organic refuse from local farmers as well as waste from Arla’s dairy also located in Videbæk. A new company, Videbæk Biogas, has been formed to develop the plant. Arla, one of Denmark’s largest users of natural gas, aims to reduce it consumption by 25% by 2020.

So far it has co-operated in the development of utility company Energi Vegger Vegger biogas plant. The facility will send most of the annual 15,000 m3 of biogas it produces daily to Arla’s dairy in Bislev. As well as developing this facility, the food manufacturer has also signed an agreement to jointly explore the potential for new biogas plants.

This article is a result of a partnership between ENDS Waste&Bionergy and EBA.

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