France: Atee Club Biogaz publishes study on the state of the biogas industry

The results of the study “State of the biogas sector” were presented at a press conference on the 26 November in Paris.

Different national biogas professionals joined together to develop a 116-pages long study, driven by Atee Club Biogaz and managed by E-CUBE Strategy Consultants. The latter were appointed by an internal committee especially appointed for the project.

The final study emphasises the great potential of biogas in France, estimated at 56 TWh by 2030. Through a comprehensive analysis of both the existing plants and the projects under development, it also concludes that approximately a 90% of this number could be sourced from the agricultural sector.

The study highlighted as well the advantages of biogas utilisation towards France’s energetic transition, mainly the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the development of green mobility thanks to biomethane sourced from biogas upgrading and the use of digestate as an alternative for mineral fertilisers. Finally, it underlines the possibilities of biogas in the development of the agricultural sector, helping to the sustainability of both agricultural and livestock farming, as well as the creation of local jobs.

The development of this study also allowed to correctly measure and approach some of the difficulties the studied farms were going through, managing to successfully identify the main causes behind them. The main goal afterwards, was to instruct farmers on the best practices to achieve effective solutions that would not only benefit the farm itself, but contribute to the improvement of the whole national sector.

Source: Atee Club Biogaz
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