French ministry boosts biogas support

Energy ministry says biogas-to-grid connection costs will be “considerably reduced”.

Nearly half the cost of linking a biomethane-producing facility to the gas grid will be taken on by the French state after the government announced increased support for the sector. In a statement, released 25 September, the country’s energy minister, Nicolas Hulot, said 40% of the total cost of connecting plants to the gas grid would now be met by the government.

However, the support will depend on the size of the project, explained Hulot. He added the 40% total would fall depending on the output of the biogas installation. This move aims to “encourage” the deployment of “small and medium” biomethane production plants, although precisely how the scale would slide was not clear from the statement.

Overall, the support aims “to allow a more balanced renewable-energy deployment” with a particular focus on rural areas, which are often “far away” from gas networks.

According to Hulot, up to now the costs related to connecting biogas plants to the gas network were entirely borne by the producers, which could make it “impossible” projects in rural areas, where the biomethane was too far from the gas network. gas.

Hulot said: “Our aim is to make biogas production accessible to all those who want to engage in the sector, including in the territories furthest from the connection networks. “Everyone must be able to participate in the development of renewable energies, and the development of a circular economy, with the [anaerobic digestion] of locally produced waste.

France hopes backing biogas growth will support its bids to be carbon neutral by 2050. The country is increasingly backing both biogas and biomass and handed out generous 20-year subsidies in March this year.

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