Fuelling clean mobility with bio-LNG

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The European Green Deal aims to reduce 55% of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of the European Union by 2030. This directive would turn Europe into the first climate neutral continent. A swift decarbonisation of the EU economy is needed to reach that goal. This will require a deep transformation of our energy system to accommodate increasing shares of renewable and low-carbon energy sources, such as biomethane or hydrogen. This process will encompass all sectors of our economy, including transport, which is responsible for nearly a quarter of Europe’s GHG emissions.

The objective of this paper is to highlight the environmental advantages of the use of bio-LNG in the heavy duty (HD) transport and the maritime sector and its importance as the most readily available solution for the sectors’ decarbonisation. Additionally, it is crucial to underline the role bio-LNG will play in the future and the regulatory framework needed to support this sustainable fuel’s development. Current information regarding the existing bio-LNG/LNG market, the bio-LNG/LNG potential, needs of the sector, and political recommendations are herewith presented.