Geotech presents the new BIOGAS 3000

The new analysis system BIOGAS 3000 will maximise the gas production.

EBA member, Geotech presented its new gas analysis system BIOGAS 3000 designed for the anaerobic digestion biogas and biomethane upgrading market, which will be able to maximise the gas production as well as to protect the equipment from contaminant gases.

The BIOGAS 3000 is innovative fixed analyser which is monitoring the gas production process utilising up to four sample points assessing CH4, CO2, O2, H2S and H2 levels. It is designed as a part of the overall AD solution with a range of portable gas analysers. The installation of the system is very easy and it includes the full on-site maintenance of all parts.

The BIOGAS 3000 has zero operational downtime for servicing, it is operational within hazardous areas and customisable to site requirements. This analysis system will be available from Q4 2016.

Source: Geotech

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