German livestock farmers urged to invest in biogas

Manure-powered systems provide a ‘safe economic mainstay’, according to trade association Fachverband Biogas (FvB) 

The association, which launched its new guide on 20 August, says small-scale biogas plants processing manure were well-supported in Germany.

Germany changed its support system radically last year to move subsidies away from large-scale energy crop processing facilities to instead focus on smaller-scale waste and manure powered plants. According to the FvB’s new guide facilities processing at least 80% manure from animals, including cows, pigs and chickens with a capacity of 75kw or less, can receive financial support of €0.20 per kilowatt hour produced.
FvB chief executive, Dr Stefan Rauh, said small biogas plant could therefore be a ‘safe economic mainstay’ of the agricultural sector.

The plants have the potential to reduce about seven million tonnes of CO2 emissions currently produced by unprocessed slurry being sent to pits.

This article is a result of a partnership between ENDS Waste&Bionergy and EBA.

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