Greening Gas Grids: Navigating Biomethane Grid connection

Today, injecting Biomethane in gas grids can be cumbersome process in many European countries. This hinders market access for the main renewable gas available today. However, the current status is set to change thanks to the new Hydrogen Gas Package. If implemented correctly, the new set of measures will soon remove barriers to injection and unlock access to markets. 

This webinar will provide guidance for Biomethane grid connection into gas grids and is particularly suited for project developers, financiers, national regulators and policymakers alike.

We will explore this issue by…

  • Sharing recent data on Biomethane grid injection
  • Providing an overview of the positive changes brought by the recently adopted Hydrogen and Decarbonised Gas Package
  • Diving into national regulations influencing Biomethane grid connection: grid connection, cost sharing, gas quality and injection fees
  • Pinpointing the main differences in the gas quality requirements applied today

Watch the recording of the webinar


  • 10.00 – 10.05 Welcome Giulia Cancian, Secretary General, EBA
  • 10h05 – 10h15 Biomethane grid connection today Mieke Decorte, Technical Director, EBA
  • 10h15 – 10h25 Enabling Grid access : Introducing the Hydrogen and Decarbonised Gas Package Anthony Lorin, Senior Policy Analyst, EBA
  • 10h25 – 10h35 Grid injection checklist: Cost-sharing, gas quality, and injection fees George Osei Owusu, Technical and Project Officer, EBA
  • 10h35 – 10h50 Quality requirements for biomethane injection José Alfred Lana Calvo, Chair Working Group Gas Quality, Marcogaz
  • 10h50 – 11h05 Optimization of Biomethane injection José Catela Pequeno Lead Subgroup Task Force 4.4, Biomethane Grid Connection Optimization, Biomethane Industrial Partnership
  • 11h05 – 11h30 Q&A session and wrap up Giulia Cancian, Secretary General, EBA