Greenlane Biogas: Betting all one’s chips on biogas

More and more companies are finding that biogas and farming go hand in hand. One farm in Canada has found a financially and environmentally beneficial way to recycle their organic waste of discard potatoes and reject chips.

Bioenergy Insight related this successful story. It focuses on the successful actions made to use waste – potatoes, manure, fruits, to produce biogas and biomethane, in order to power and heat hundreds of homes.

It shows how recycling their organic waste to produce biomethane has enabled companies to diversify their revenue stream.  At the same time, they have reduced farming costs by using the nutrient rich digestate as a fertiliser. 

Biogas also supports the local farming community, taking waste from neighbouring farms and/or sells them digestate.

According to the article, more and more farmers in the country are keen on turning towards biogas solutions.

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