High attendance and key presentations marked the 2nd EBA Digestate Workshop

The 2nd EBA Digestate Workshop held on October 15, 2014 at Renewable Energy House in Brussels will stay recorded as an event that managed to gather 50 participants from 8 countries around the latest digestate related challenges and opportunities, policy development and market possibilities.

With the goals of the workshop aimed at discussing anaerobic digestion’s contribution to sustainable EU agriculture, demonstrating possibilities of digestate as bio-fertiliser, promoting the End-of-Waste status for digestate and delivering arguments for why biogas digestate shall not fall under the REACH regulation, the general conclusion according to the involvement of participants in discussions, the number of participants and the choice of speaker – this workshop can be declared as one that met participants expectations. The speakers came from several different Directorate Generals of the European Commission, namely Enterprise, Environment and Health and Consumers, as well as the German Biogas Association and Copa-Cogeca, a European association of farmers and agri-cooperatives.

The event was a great opportunity for representatives of various businesses to network and widen their network, as well as to talk to policy officers at the European Commission.

The workshop report can be found on the event’s page, while all the presentations are available for our members on this page in the members area. Take a look, also, at the photos from the workshop.