Investors anticipating “dramatic improvement” in waste-to-energy innovation

Investors are expecting more renewable energy to be produced from waste management centres and landfill sites over the next five years, according to new research.

Renewable Energy Waste Solutions (REWS), a new renewable energy company, found 72% of institutional investors and IFAs expect that over the next five years recycling and waste management centres will increasingly look to generate renewable energy.
As technological developments make it easier and more efficient to produce energy from waste, investors expect local councils and other owners of recycling centres and landfill sites to dramatically increase their investment in turning their waste into renewable energy.

Innovation in the waste to energy sector is expected to facilitate this investment, the statement from REWS claims. According to their research, 79% of institutional investors and IFAs expect to see an increase in the level of innovation and new technology in the renewables sector over the next three years, with 29% anticipating “dramatic improvement.”

“Society is producing more waste than ever before, and the cost of dealing with this is increasing,” said William McClintock, chairman REWS. “This, coupled with the fact that it is becoming easier to turn waste into renewable energy should see a surge in activity from waste management and landfill sites looking to generate an income from this. The cost of doing this is also falling, providing another reason for doing it.”

Source: Bioenergy Insight

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