Italy: Biomethane is key to the Italian National Energy Strategy

Piero Gattoni, president of the CIB (Consorzio Italiano Biogas) highlights the benefits of biomethane, such as greening gas networks.

Biomethane must play a key role in the National Energy Strategy because it is a renewable, programmable, flexible energy capable of delivering a potential of 10 billion m3 by 2030, of which at least 8 from agricultural feedstocks“, states Piero Gattoni, president of the CIB (Consorzio Italiano Biogas), on 15 September in the framework of the Free (Renewable Energy Efficiency Coordination) Conference to discuss future tools for the promotion of renewable energy sources.

Biogas and biomethane fully respond to the evolutionary requirements of the energy system for several reasons. Its production, due to the increasing efficiency and the spread of innovations, has a solid path of reducing production costs. Produced with the principles of “BiogasDoneRight”, it enables full integration between food and energy production, with increased productivity and food security.

Thanks to biogas refinery (the biogas plant connected to the electricity grid and the gas grid), biogas and biomethane are also the only programmable renewable source that enables effective integration between different energy systems. It can also contribute to the greening of the gas network: once injected into the grid, it can be used for different purposes and makes possible the progressive decarbonisation of ‘non-electrifiable’ sectors, i.e. heavy, naval, agriculture, industry“, concludes Gattoni.

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Source (in Italian): Adnkronos