Italy: CIB launches Biomethane Technological Platform

The “Biometano” platform was presented at Ecomondo (Rimini).

This technological platform, developed by EBA Member CIB and CIC, aims at converting Italy in one of the main producers of biomethane. Biometano brings together the agricultural sector, utilities, environmental associations, industries and transport.

Mr Piero Gattoni, President of CIB said: ‘By levering all this excellence, we are convinced we can develop a model that is not only capable of generating useful solutions for drastically reducing the impact of the agricultural, industrial and transport sectors on climate change, but new jobs too, as initially happened with biogas, and above all this model will be able to generate research and new opportunities for young people who want to work in this sector, which is of great interest.’, adding ‘Today we are here with solutions. Today, we’ve got the chance to do things, and to do them well. We just need the willpower, the ability to make decisions and guidance from the legislator.’

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