Italy: For the Earth, from the Earth

Biogas Italy is the first event in Italy dedicated to anaerobic digestion, a series of biological processes with high potential environmental benefits that can enhance the economic sustainability of crop and livestock production.

It’s an international meeting intended to deepen strategies, research and the most innovative technologies for the growth of the biogas sector, which is a great resource for the sustainable development of the country.

The goal is to create a landmark event for manufacturers interested in the new technologies and in the development of business of the production and use of biogas. Biogas Italy will be characterized by the high technical content, through the organization of a scientific program of events. The conference itself will involve the highest experts in the field, in order to create a way to share experiences and evolution of biogas research, to disclose the best technologies and solutions and to build a network for the exchange of best practices.

The event takes place in Rimini, on February 12th and 13th.


Visit the event’s website here.