Italy: Increase of capacity for Energy from Waste facility

Italian utility company should triple the capacity of the facility according the report.

The Corteolona based energy from waste facility is about to receive the authorisation from the Province of Pavia for the increase of the capacity.

The new plan includes processing of 230,000 tonnes of waste, which represents double the amount of what was previously fed to the plant. This will also allow the facility to increase electricity production form current 8 MWh to 30 M Wh. The Italian company will have as additional goal the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The company will also be able to modify the combustion system. The new amount of energy will be enough to power 66,000 households.

The mayor of Corteolona and Genzone Angelo Della Valle said: “The enlargement process started a few years ago. The company had received the positive opinion of the Region and now the project will have to get the approval of the Province.”

Source: La Provincia Pavese

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