Malmberg to supply ‘first’ biogas upgrade to the Baltic states

Swedish company Malmberg will supply the first biogas upgrading plant in the Baltic states, in Estonia.

The move comes as Estonian industry responds to government targets to increase the usage and production of renewable fuels.

Estonian biofuels producer GreenGas OÜ has signed a long term agreement with pulp producer Estonian Cell to purchase their biogas and upgrade it to biomethane. At a site in Kunda, 100 km east of Estonia’s capital Tallinn, Estonian Cell has developed a well-functioning biogas plant where biogas is used alongside natural gas in boilers.

By installing Malmberg’s upgrade, Estonian Cell can replace some of their natural gas usage with renewable, locally produced biomethane. The amount of gas upgraded equals the gas used by buses in the Estonian cities of Pärnu and Tartu.

Erik Malmberg, CEO of Malmberg Water, said in a press release: “It is remarkable that we, as a Swedish cleantech company, can contribute to lowered carbon emissions in markets around the world, and with this project also Estonia. Biomethane is a smart energy source and this project really shows the meaning and potential of circular economy”.

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