Market state and trends in renewable and low-carbon gases in Europe

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This report provides a unique review of current biomethane and green and blue hydrogen markets in Europe. The report, developed by Guidehouse for the Gas for Climate consortium, describes key market trends and highlights leading project examples.

Biomethane production is scaling up rapidly, with an increased share of biowaste and bio-residues as feedstock, while production costs are starting to decrease, and grid injection levels are increasing. Many green and blue hydrogen projects are described in the report. These projects focus on scaling up hydrogen demand in new industrial sectors, exploring hydrogen use in heavy transport, or aim to decarbonise existing grey hydrogen demand. The report also highlights how existing gas infrastructure is increasingly being used to transport biomethane and is being prepared to transport hydrogen. Several showcase projects focus on enabling renewable and low-carbon gas transport; this is significant because it shows how gas infrastructure can accelerate the scale-up of hydrogen and biomethane.