Massive interest and a great success of the remarkable biomethane workshop at European Biogas Association

The Renewable Energy House in Brussels and the home of the European Biogas Association (EBA) hosted 70 participants for the “Future of Biomethane – will cross-border trade be feasible?” a workshop dedicated to the biomethane production, utilisation and trade on 3rd September.

A huge interest in attending this workshop led to a queue in front of the offices of European Biogas Association that morning what ended in extending the capacities of the conference room at the Renewable Energy House. Several weeks prior to the event itself all the seats were booked and on the day of the event, over 65 experts have attended the workshop including Klaus Buchner, MEP and Bernd Kuepker, European Commission. The presentations were provided by leading experts from organisations and companies such as Gas Infrastructure Europe, Audi, CNH, Viessman-Carbotech, RENEWTEC, Future Biogas, Energiforsk and EBA. A number of other specialists and leading experts in biogas, biomethane and gasification technologies created an added value to the workshop with the comments, remarks and questions for the speakers. Presentations and discussion themselves dealt with technical overviews such as the latest developments in upgrading of raw biogas to biomethane, biomethane production through biomass gasification and more “hand-on” approaches on biomethane utilisations: LNG and biomethane applications for heavy duty vehicles, injecting biomethane into the natural gas grid. Other non-technical issues were discussed, too – a single European biomethane grid and future prospect of biomethane in the UK and Sweden.

The European Biogas Association as a host and organiser received the highest compliments from a number of specialists for the event including the programme, speakers and the expertise in biogas, biomethane and gasification technologies. Arthur Wellinger, the honorary member and former president of EBA said he has hardly attended such a high quality event recently like this biomethane workshop. Not many organisations and events can gather such high profile speakers and quality presentations in such a concentrated event.

With all the contacts, amounts of work and expertise, EBA has proven its position of the European umbrella organisation for biogas, biomethane and gasification in Brussels.

This event was organised in accordance with the objectives of the BIOSURF project that is looking into biomethane utilisation pathways as a renewable fuel and thoroughly investigates the non-technical barriers lying in the way of full exploitation of this renewable gas. Representatives of BIOSURF project partners (German Biogas Association, ARGE Compost and Biogas from Austria, AGCS from Austria, Renewable Energy Association from UK and EBA) attended the event making it a valuable part of the overall project.

Issues addressed in BIOSURF (sustainability, GHG emission reduction, multiply uses of biomethane, cross-border biomethane trade) have received substantial attention both in the presentation and in the personal exchanges of views among the biomethane stakeholders.

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