The Company Advisory Council (CAC) is an industry platform dedicated to the European industry dealing with biogas and biomethane production, anaerobic digestion and gasification.

Why join the CAC?

The CAC provides an opportunity to companies to reflect their own views to European policy makers and to strengthen the EBA’s voice in a concerted way by:

  • Exchanging information on market development and new business opportunities.
  • Assessing local/national/European policy instruments from an industrial perspective.
  • Staying informed on R&I developments which have a positive impact on biogas and biomethane industries.
  • Supporting the development of quality standards as a basis for the trade and use of biogas and biomethane across borders.
  • Contributing to improve existing data and statistics on biogas and biomethane.

Any legal or natural person active in biogas or biomethane can become a member of EBA and thus be involved in the CAC.

Company Advisory Board (CAB)

The Company Advisory Board is an official body to the EBA and is comprised of voluntary members representing the company members within the EBA. The overarching objective of the Company Advisory Board is to provide strategic political advice to the secretariat and the executive board to steer the political advocacy and policy priorities. Elected CAB (2020-2023):

  • Michael Niederbacher, TerraX
  • Olivier Aubert, SWEN Capital
  • Olivier Guerrini, TOTAL
  • Marta Kamola-Martines, ENGIE
  • Marco Mazzero, IES Biogas
  • Coen Meijers, DMT
  • Jonas Svendsen, Nature Energy
  • Matthias Kerner, bmp greengas GmbH

EBA working groups

At the initiative of the CAC, the EBA has set up different working groups to discuss a variety of issues which have an impact on the development of the biogas and biomethane sectors. The EBA has at present the following working groups:

  • Digestate and fertilisers
  • Biogas market design
  • Biomethane in transport
  • Gasification
  • Agriculture
  • Bio-LNG & Maritime
  • Waste Water
  • Biogenic CO2 valorisation
  • Bio-Hydrogen

Online and presential meetings are organised on a regular basis, both for the CAC and the specific working groups. To learn more and register for the next meeting, interested EBA members can check the members section or contact the association at