Mexico: New Mexico City airport to be powered with biogas

The Mexican Federal Government looks into utilising biogas sourced from the Bordo Poniente landfill to power Mexico City’s New International Airport (NAICM).

Juan José Guerra Abud, Secretary of Environmental Issues and Natural Resources (Semarnat), recently remarked at a press conference that it is the intention of the Government to invest and profit from the “green business” possibilities of biogas produced from the Bordo Poniente. He estimated as well that a total of 242 GW would be sourced from the landfill while another extra 25 GW are to be provided by solar installations in order to make up for the airport’s electricity consumption.

The Bordo Poniente landfill was set to be repurposed in 2012, in an ambitious project led by a consortium of both Mexican and Spanish stakeholders. After accumulating more than 79 million tonnes of garbage during 15 years, repurposing the landfill resulted in a 20% decrease of greenhouse emissions in Mexico City.

Source: Energia Limpia XXI
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