The municipality wants to see more biogas

Kalmar Länstrafik asked the city of Västervik to provide them with information on what vehicle fuel will be used in the municipality after August 2017. In particular, the company is investigating if biogas will be a required fuel.

Kenneth Andersson, vehicle manager at Västervik municipality thinks it is quite right to demand that the vehicles providing the municipality with public transportation run fossil-free. In a letter sent by the Traffic Director of Kalmar Länstrafik (County traffic), Karl-Johan Bodell, the Västervik municipality was asked to inform the company how many vehicles will be powered by biogas. This would help the company to prepare the upcoming public procurement for school transport that would start from August 2017.

The letter says: In order to proceed with the preparation work we need to have clearance from the municipality if biogas should be considered in the upcoming procurement process. If the municipality agrees that this should be a requirement, it will be handled in such way in the upcoming procurement of vehicles in school transport.

Kenneth Andersson is a vehicle manager at Västervik municipality. He believes that it is entirely appropriate that the municipal government goes for biogas fuelled vehicles. “Biogas doesn’t release any hazardous fumes. We have to make sure what we are leaving to our children and grandchildren” he says.

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Source: Vimmerby Tidning