Netherlands: Deal reached to develop biogas and biobased economy

Government and industry, including EBA members DSM and ECN, to unlock “bottlenecks” blocking the sector. 

The Dutch government has created several new Green Deals, many of which will help to promote bioenergy. In an announcement, on 14 April, the Dutch economic minister, Henk Kamp, said he will work with businesses to “unlock knowledge, break bottlenecks and create solutions so that biomass is a fully fledged green resource”.

The announcement included the creation of Green Deal 197, the aim of which is to promote the sustainable use of biomass and the production of biogas in the Netherlands. The purpose of 197 is to create the structure for a profitable biomass sector, which would the government hopes will in-turn increase the amount of biogas created.

The Green Deal 197 counted with EBA members DSM and ECN as promoters of this initiative. Other partners included AkzoNobel, FrieslandCampina, Suiker Unie, Gasunie and the port of Rotterdam. They will work together to explore options for biomass through gasificaton and other methods over the next 12 months. According to the statement the deal will see at least four pilot projects, which are yet to be confirmed, taken forward.

The news is a welcome turn of events for the Dutch bioenergy sector, which has been left reeling after subsides for coal-to-biomass conversions were halted and plans to shutdown already part converted power stations were announced in recent weeks.

This article is a result of a partnership between ENDS Waste&Bionergy and EBA.

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