Netherlands: Two new biogas plants planned in the Netherlands

The support plan developed in the Netherlands attracts two more players in the biogas market

Two foreign companies (infrastructure investor and an engineering company), joined forces to bring to life several biogas projects in the Netherlands, supported by the national government The new biogas facilities will produce gas form organic waste using anaerobic digestion or gasification technologies, with an investment of €200 million. All the produced output will be delivered directly to the Dutch national gas grid.

The biogas facilities which are planned to be built are expected to operate for 20 years. All the projects from this joint venture will be benefiting from the government support, the SDE+ programme, which is giving grants to compensate the high costs that companies are facing. Chief executive from one of the companies thanked the Dutch government for the support adding that he is expecting the Dutch energy-form-waste sector to grow rapidly due to government plans and help.

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