New EBA Companies Catalogue and Success Stories available

EBA is glad to present the new editions of two of its main publications: the ‘Companies Catalogue’ and the ‘Success Stories’. These documents were made thanks to the input of EBA members.

58 organisations are featured in the ‘Companies Catalogue’, including all EBA’s companies, research centers and individual members. Each company page offers extensive information about the organisation’s activities and specificity, services offered and key business areas.

48 success stories are presented in the second document. New cases of successful biogas – biomethane or gasification plants are included in this year’s edition. For example, the publication features :

  • The biggest biogas plant in Europe (according to Nature Energy), under construction in Denmark. 
  • A perfect circular economy example in France by GRDF. This plant produces simultaneously electricity, heat and biomethane ready for injection into the gas grid, as well as digestate, benefiting local actors and citizens. 
  • The ‘Magic factory’ of Malmberg in Sweden, producing totally renewable energy and recycling all of its waste, with very efficient upgrading machines. 
  • A biogas plant fed solely by Ricotta cheese in Italy, with a unique technology, by Fluence.

Discover all success stories here – and the Companies Catalogue here.

The ‘biggest biogas plant’ project near Korskro, Denmark, by Nature Energy.

Zoppola Biogas plant, by IES Biogas: how a biogas CHP plant helped heating up the town’s main buildings.

The Frogmary anaerobic digestion plant by Biogest: Biomethane into natural gas grid in the UK.