New success story from Italy

Our new success story comes from Italy and our members BTS Biogas sprl/GmbH. The story features a biogas plant located in the province of Verona that has been awarded with the Biogas Award 2013 for the biogas plant with the best performance.

The Finato Martinati farm chose BTS Biogas to design, construct and manage a biogas plant. Owned by Guido Finato-Martinati, this historic property in the Verona countryside has over 334 hectares devoted to growing tobacco, maize, onions, herbs, triticale and organic rice; it also has barns for about 400 dairy and breeding cows.

The plant operated for over 8600 hours, had an average daily production of 16,870 kW and 68 m3 of digested waste and an energy efficiency level of over 85%. The criteria analysed when choosing the plant with the best performance included the percentage of unfermented biomass, cost, quality, the level of forage conversion and the percentage of manure used.

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