Norway: Biogas equal to electricity and hydrogen in all policies

Oslo 9. June 2021 – The Norwegian Parliament voted on important proposals for the biogas market in May. The Standing Committee on Energy and the Environment have for some time discussed policies and incentives to increase production and use of biogas, and one of the important discussions have been to equalize biogas with electricity and hydrogen in all public policies. Both on a national level and locally.

The Norwegian Biogas Association (Biogass Norge) have for a long time worked for acceptance of this principle, together with stronger financial incentives to increase both production and use of biogas in Norway. The biogas industry can provide sustainable energy and the production process can also contribute to reductions of CO2 emissions.

We are very happy for the support in the Parliament. The decisions are important for creating new growth in the Norwegian market.

The principal decision on treating biogas equal to electricity and hydrogen is the most important decision, but together with stronger financial incentives for production and use of biogas we stand a better chance of succeeding in developing the biogas industry to the level we believe is achievable.
The ambition is to reach a production level of at least 10 Twh in 2030 in Norway.

Decisions in the Parliament:
• Change of the use of the term zero emission in all government objects and plans to zero emissions and biogas, this is to achieve equal treatment of biogas, electricity and hydrogen. This term is to be used in all adopted public plans and future public plans.
• Secure development for all infrastructure needed for zero and low emission technology and improve the financial support scheme from the Norwegian authorities for filling stations and heavier vehicles.
• Simplification of the application process for financial support to biogas vehicles.
• Biogas vehicles are to be treaded equally to zero emission vehicles in all toll roads valid from 1st January 2022.
• The Government is to initiate work to harmonise framework conditions for the biogas market in Norway compared to the other Nordic countries. This should be done to contribute to the development of the Norwegian biogas market.

Download the press release of Biogass Norge here.

Read the article written by Avfall Norge (in Norwegian) here.