Norway: €1.2 million for biogas pilot projects

The Norwegian government has set aside €1.2 million (10 million NOK) for biogas pilot plants and research in 2015.

The total budget is divided in two; where 8 million NOK is foreseen for grants.The remaining frame of two million NOK is intended for one project that will ensure monitoring and evaluation of plants that receive funding.

Biogas strategy

Biogas reduces greenhouse gas emissions, while helping to reduce emissions of local air pollution and noise nuisance from heavy vehicles, too. Biogas must be considered as a way to reduce impacts on climate, as the Parliament has adopted ambitious targets for national emission reductions by 2020, and the goal of transition to a low carbon society in 2050.

The purpose of the biogas startegy is to increase the production and use of biogas. Pilot plants will aim to test the biogas technology based on other raw materials, apart from waste (e.g. manure), and thus contribute to future cost reductions for climate action and thereby advance future emissions reductions.

Criteria for applying for funding

Both new construction and existing facilities, that include a rebuilding can be awarded. Research funding can be given to one project related to measurements at the pilot plants, which should contribute to understanding and showing the effects of the plants, said Øyvind Halvorsen at Innovation Norway.

Applications for funding of a pilot project with associated research should highlight how research component will be connected on the pilot project and potential learning effects.

More on the grant here (in Norwegian)
Source: Innovasjon Norge