Vlaco and Evolution of Biogas Systems make the two newest EBA members

Two new members join EBA in February. We have the pleasure to welcome Vlaco, the Flemish composting association and Evolution of Biogas Systems from St. Petersburg, Russia.

The Flemish compost organisation, was founded in 1992, to support and implement the biowaste policies (green waste, vegetable, fruit and garden waste and industrial biowaste). Vlaco has both Flemish government and private sector representatives among its members. Their activities support the sustainable material cycle of biowaste and emphasize the quality of biowaste recycling (both at home, on small scale and professionally on large scale).

logo (1)The Evolution of Biogas Systems presents a group of united companies and enterprises successfully functioning in the EU and CIS member states. Its core activity is production of energy resources involving use of advanced biogas technologies. They offer    services in biogas production and associated products to    owners of enterprises which produce alcohol-containing products, owners of animal husbandry and poultry farms.


EBA now has 34 national associations and 38 companies and research centres as members in 27 European countries!