Pastoor Consult joins EBA

Pastoor Consult provides tailor-made advice for market parties involved in the production of secondary fuels and waste processing.  Recently, the company has been involved in the development of the Bio Energy Coevorden (BEC) bio-digester, which supplied the first cubic meters of green gas to Gasunie’s national gas network in the past weeks.

The new installation is expected to run at the maximum capacity of 26 million cubic meters of green gas per year around the turn of the year. A quantity that is more than the annual consumption of the municipality of Coevorden.

The BEC bio-fermenter at the Europark in Coevorden is one of the largest industrial bio-fermenters in the Netherlands and one of the larger in Western Europe. The installation was built under the so-called SDE subsidy from the Dutch government.

In total, the digester can process 215,000 tonnes of manure and biomass per year. The residual product digestate is phosphate-rich and is transported by train to phosphate-poor soil in eastern Germany. As a return cargo, the train brings gravel from Germany back to the Netherlands for the concrete industry.

The construction of the installation started in the spring of 2017 and required an investment of 60 million euros. The installation offers work, directly and indirectly, to 20 people.

For more details about this success story, you can contact EBA’s new member, Pastoor Consult: Geert Jan Pastoor