Professor Bruce Dale and Dr Jörgen Held are the latest confirmed speakers at EBA Conference

The Michigan State University professor and one of the leading gasification experts join a line-up of other high-level speakers.

As the organisation of the EBA Conference 2016 (27 – 29 September) ultimate its last details, the EBA is pleased to announce the addition of Bruce Dale, a Professor of Chemical Engineering at the Michigan State University (USA) and Dr Jorgen Held, managing director of RENEWTEC and former managing director of the Swedish Gas Technology Centre to the pool of confirmed speakers.

Professor Dale’s main focus of research is based on sustainable biofuel production, from which he also serves as an adviser to the US department of Energy regarding biofuel policies. Indeed, his work ‘Biofuels Done Right’ inspired the development of the concept ‘Biogas Done Right’ by the Consorzio Italiano Biogas (CIB). This has evolved into a sustainable platform of technologies that can allow the production of food, feed, energy and fertilisers from the same hectare of farmland without or with minimum lowering of the food and feed output. Professor Dale’s contribution to the EBA Conference will provide its participants with a highly valuable insight on the whole ‘Biogas Done Right’ concept.

Dr Jorgen Held has a rich career in gasification what makes him one of the leading experts in this field. He has a long record within the energy sector as the former managing director of the Swedish Gas Technology Centre, the head of research at CEDER/CIEMAT in Spain, research manager at the Swedish Energy Agency, PhD in fluid mechanics and MSc in energy technology. He is coming to the Conference with a contribution on biomethane production through thermochemical conversion of biomass and waste.