Scaling up the market uptake of renewable energy systems by unlocking the biogas potential of agriculture and livestock farming.

Project duration: November 2022 – October 2025

The overall objective of the ALFA project is to tap the potential of biogas production from livestock farming to enhance the wider uptake of Renewable Energy Systems and increase the share of bioenergy as a baseload energy source, while ensuring reduced emissions from untreated animals’ manure and supporting the creation of new jobs and revenue for the livestock farming industry.

The project will identify drivers and barriers for the uptake of biogas in the EU livestock farming industry and will support farmers from 6 EU countries (Italy, Denmark, Belgium, Slovakia, Greece and Spain) through its own co-created solutions, including financial, business, and technical support services as well as capacity-building seminars.

In parallel, the project will develop an Engagement Platform to host tools that facilitate collaboration and knowledge exchange among industry actors and provide credible estimations of each farm’s biogas potential, prospect profits, and environmental and social impacts.

Moreover, ALFA will inform all relevant stakeholders via awareness-raising campaigns and policy recommendations, and will provide guidelines for replication of its results in other regions.