Demonstrating and Connecting Production Innovations in the BIOMETHAne uniVERSE

Project duration: 1 October 2022 – 31 March 2027

BIOMETHAVERSE aims to diversify the technology basis for biomethane production in Europe, to increase its cost-effectiveness, and to contribute both to the uptake of biomethane technologies and to the priorities of the SET Plan Action 8. To this aim five innovative biomethane production pathways will be demonstrated in five European countries: France, Greece, Italy, Sweden, and Ukraine.

The project is based on the following founding pillars:

  • Demonstration of innovative biomethane pathways;
  • Technology optimisation and upscaling by technoeconomic flowsheeting;
  • Environmental and social sustainability assessment;
  • Replicability, market penetration, support to planning decisions of other investors and project developers, policy recommendations to policy makers;
  • Dissemination, exploitation and communication of project results.

The project website will be soon available. Stay tuned!