Green Me Up

The ultimate objective of GreenMeUp is to facilitate the wider market uptake of biomethane in the European energy and transport sectors by strengthening the market in countries with slower market development policies.

This will be achieved by bringing together:

  • The European Biogas Association that will bring forward good practices and lessons learnt from countries having the highest market shares covering > 95% of the bioCH4 produced in Europe (Germany, UK, Denmark, France, The Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and Austria).
  • A set of advanced countries (Germany and Italy) with improved biomethane market uptake and developed policy and institutional frameworks to actively participate in exchanging practical knowledge and experience.
  • A set of target countries with lower development rates in the respective issues (Greece, Spain, Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Czech Republic) which would benefit from stronger bioCH4 market and policy measures,
  • The Danube Region, a specific area coinciding with the historical regions of Backa and Banat, nowadays part of Hungary, Romania, and Serbia will serve as a case for cross border opportunities in a bottom-up approach.
  • A set of Mission Innovation countries (USA, Canada, China, Brazil and India) participating in the International Advisory Board (IAB) to assure an additional flow of information on bioCH4 production lessons-learnt, enablers and barriers.

This interaction will steer the development of more informed and targeted policies in the target countries and support them in building a robust, incentive-compatible bioCH4 market, in order to achieve an increased share of renewable gaseous fuels in their final energy consumption by 2030 and beyond. GreenMeUp addresses, Mission Innovation countries, advanced European countries, targeted Member States and a specific region of particular interest in a combined top-down and bottom-up approach.