Reliable and simple: Additional revenue through Europe-wide biomethane trading with bmp greengas

Funding or no funding? Certification or not? Short or long term contracts? Trading in biomethane is less time-consuming if, as a plant operator, you are supported by experts. Bmp greengas GmbH is one of the leading European biomethane marketers and helps with engineering and commercial knowledge as well as with optimal contracts for better planning security – regardless of the country of origin or funding.

The contracts that bmp greengas concludes with its production partners have a term of around ten years. Guaranteed purchase quantities, a fixed purchase price per kilowatt hour, secure sales every month: With this offer, the company is one of the few providers on the market in Europe. The so-called “Bankable Contracts” offer plant operators a rare investment security and, due to their seriousness and resilience, also convince banks to sign the loan for the construction of a biomethane plant. But bmp greengas is also available as a partner for short-term business on the spot market.

Biomethane experience of 14 years

The German company with headquarters in Munich has been trading in biomethane for around 14 years. So it’s no wonder that the first long-term contracts are already being extended – often for 10 years again to be renegotiated and extended. Bmp greengas is not only a leader in its home country, but has also gained a lot of practical experience in other European countries. From Denmark and the Netherlands to Great Britain, from Spain, the Czech Republic and Austria to Switzerland: The German marketer’s experts are familiar with the legal framework and national peculiarities from many projects over the past years. In addition, just like the technology they are involved in, bmp greengas is part of the EnBW group with 20 of its own biomethane plants. The know-how of EnBW and bmp greengas around the plant operation and the certification also benefits the production partners throughout Europe.

All-round package for the greatest possible added value

The diverse knowledge and extensive experience in international biomethane trading is used at bmp greengas in far more areas than pure trading. The company sees itself as a partner who also provides support in matters such as balancing group management, transport, portfolio management and certification. For example, bmp greengas helps with logging into the national / European register, with selecting the right expert for plants in various certification systems (REDcert, ISCC, dena) or with transferring national registers to the German dena register.

Working together for a green future? bmp greengas takes care!

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