Romania: ARBIO takes first steps to introduce the idea of biomethane in the market

The Romanian biomass and biogas Association (ARBIO) looks forward to opening the Romanian market for biomethane. 

In collaboration with the European Biogas Association and under the guidance of Mr. Attila Kovacs, one of the top experts of biomethane in Europe and the world, ARBIO intends to start the preparation so as to introduce the idea of biomethane in Romania
ARBIO believes in the great potential of biomethane as an alternative fuel, as it has been successfully put into practice in other European countries. In parallel, the biofuel sector is yet to be established in Romania, opening the path to biomethane.

This will happen due to the fact that European Directive 2009/30/EC imposes that by 2020, the EU aims to have 10% of the transport fuel of every EU country come from renewable sources such as biofuels.

As the issue is very close to ARBIO’s core activities, the association is looking forward to starting to work for capitalising its potential. Apart from several projects that have been already identified by ARBIO, the next movement will include contacting potential investors.

Those who wish to receive more information on this issue are invited to contact Ms Mariana Godina.