Romania: €100m to be invested into biogas and biomass energy

€100m allocated to the support of the energy production from renewable sources.

The plan of investing €100m into the production of the energy from renewable sources that are less exploited, was conducted by the Romanian authorities. The draft plan which can be found on the EU Fund Ministry website include sources such as biogas biomass and geothermal energy.

It is reported that the investment comes from non-reimbursable EU funds which were provided thanks to European Regional Development Fund, as well as from the national budget.

The plan is aiming to allocate €20.1 million for 2017, €30.1 million for 2018, and €40.2 million for 2019, and €10 million for 2020 in the support scheme.

According to the report, Romania is depending less on the imported energy (22.7% in 2012, which is less than EU average of 53.4%) thanks to the promotion of energy efficiency and growing industry od renewable energy.

Source: Biogas Insight

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