Sattler Ceno Biogas: Increasing gas storage capacity at existing plants

The newly designed Sattler double membrane gas storage (DMGS) can provide more storage capacity on an existing foundation.

Sewage treatment plants with anaerobic digestion often store the resulting biogas in a Sattler DMGS before converting it into electrical power or heat using aggregates such as a cogeneration plant or gas turbine. Due to high flaring times and thus the wasting of precious gas that could be used for energy production instead, it can become necessary to extend the gas holder volume. Due to its new shape, the Sattler DMGS allows to more than double the gas holder volume without expensive concreting or assembly work. Mr. Starchl, shop manager in a local sewage treatment plant whose gas holder volume was enlarged, confirms that the conversion of the gas holder was by no means stressful, as the conversion took only a day and it took the existing clamping rail whereas virtually no additional work was required for assembly.

Source: Sattler Global
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