Serbia: Public storage facilities for 4 million tonnes of biomass

Vojvodina, the northern province of Serbia, has recorded an increase in domestic renewable energy sources use, with up to 40 institutions using biomass as the primary energy source. This trend is followed by a new project that will see building of public storage facilities around the province that would be able to store up to 4 million tonnes of feedstock.

Biomass was always recognised as the most abundant renewable energy source in this dominantly agricultural province. At the moment it makes up to 63% share of RES. Ahead of solar and wind energy, according to the Vojvodinian ministry of energy. Sanja Bugarski, from the Association of milk producers said that bigger investments in energy plants at farms are feasible only for large farms, since the small ones lack in feedstock and general conditions.

2013 was a ground breaking year for Vojvodina and Serbia, when the first biogas plant was opened in the town of Vrbas with a 1 MW capacity. This marked the end of phase 1, while the next phases will upgrade this plant to a total capacity of 4 MW.

Source: RTV Vojvodina (in Serbian).