Serbia: Reorganisation of the Serbian Biogas Association

The Serbian Biogas Association elects new leadership at its regular annual session of the Assembly.

The Serbian Biogas Association was founded in March 2012 with the aim to bring together the companies with the plan to build the first biogas installation in Serbia. Today this is a representative association which gathers more than 20 members who are in possession of the biogas plants, of which more than 9 MW are in operation, as well as the other institutions and companies that are directly or indirectly associated with this technology or plan to build biogas plants.

In previous activities, the Serbian Biogas Association proved to be a proactive partner in the process of drafting a new legislation in the field of renewable energy sources but also in the transfer of technology and training of members and staff.

With the new elected leadership of Dobrosav Baćović, the Serbian Biogas Association will continue the cooperation with the international institutions and organisations.

Source: Serbian Biogas Association