SOFIE3 Conference

The 3rd edition of the SOFIE conference on organic and organo-mineral fertilisers industry will take place on the 16-17 January 2024, Brussels (Plaza Hotel) & hybrid.

SOFIE is the only industry meeting place for organic-carbon-based fertiliser producers, distributors, advisory, technology suppliers.

SOFIE3 will cover:

  • policy and market
  • agronomic benefits, in particular field trials and case studies
  • processing from divers input materials to consistent products for farmers
  • application best practices, e.g. co-application with mineral fertilisers, biostimulants
  • environment, carbon benefits, LCA, Circular Economy
  • business models and product success stories

EBA Policy Officer Lucile Sever and EBA Technical & Project Officer Marina Pasteris will represent EBA.

More information and registration here.