Spain: Construction of the largest agro-industrial biogas plant almost completed

The project which started in 2011 sees its end this spring.

The biggest agro-industrial biogas plant in Spain is due to be finalised by the spring 2017. The 4,5 MW facility will be located in Navia, Asturias.

Around 400,000 tonnes of manure from 40,000 cows, will be generated each year for the production of biogas, solid and liquid fertilisers. According to the Spanish Biogas Association (Aebig) out of 49 agro-industrial plants in Spain, only 5 exceed the 1 MW of installed capacity.

The produced electricity will be self-consumed in one part while 30 GW/h per year will be injected to the grid.

The produced digestate, both dry and liquid will be used then as high quality fertiliser. Thanks to this process, the plant developers support the project by affirming that it will become an example of the Circular Economy in practice: agricultural residues will be converted into the energy farmers need and will as well supply them with the fertiliser needed to continue their activities.

Source: Energias Renovables

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