Spain: Volkswagen introduces its algae biogas-powered vehicle

German carmaker showcased its green project in El Torno Chiclana, South-West Spain.

The main goal of the project is to obtain a clean fuel and other high value-added product from microalgae grown with treated wastewater.

This green car will use biogas as fuel, which is produced by algae treatment. The plant turns algae, obtained from the wastewater treatment plant through microalgae cultivation, into biogas. In addition, the process of cultivation of microalgae helps to purify water since the microalgae feeds on organic wastewater.

The Volkswagen Up! vehicle includes also an emergency fuel tank to be used if a gas refuelling station is not nearby. It can run in compressed natural gas (CNG) as well as biogas. The car’s engine generates zero emissions.

Francisco Jimenez, director of Aqualia and Chiclana city councillor, Joaquín Páez welcomed delegates at the plant and introduced them to the All-gas project. Páez stated: “These types of fuels are emerging as one of the most viable alternatives to fossil fuels, and the All-gas project is well placed to prove that obtaining commercial scale clean and environmentally friendly fuels is possible.”

Frank Rogalla, director of technology and innovation at Aqualia added: “For the first time in the history of humanity a car will be fuelled with a full batch of algae biogas. The way this algae is cultivated is twice as productive per hectare as other biofuels. This means it is a fuel with a positive energy balance, and therefore significant commercial viability.”

Source: Bioenergy Insight

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